Concrete mixer truck maintenance guide

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  1. The place with a grease nipple should be buttered once a week to ensure normal lubrication. In addition, butter should be added to the joint surface of the supporting wheel and the mixing drum raceway every 15 days to keep it normal.

2. The filter element of the hydraulic oil suction filter must be replaced after 500 hours or one and a half months (whichever comes first) of a new car, and the filter element must be replaced every 2000 hours or six months (whichever comes first).

3. The hydraulic oil must be replaced after the new car has been used for 1000 hours or three months (whichever comes first). After that, the hydraulic oil should be replaced every 2000 hours or six months, and the oil tank should be cleaned every time the oil is changed; if the hydraulic oil is found to deteriorate during daily maintenance, the hydraulic oil should be replaced immediately. No. 68 wear-resistant hydraulic oil should be used for the oil storage tank of the hydraulic system, No. 46 oil is recommended for cold regions, and CH-4 diesel engine oil should be used for integral pumps (referring to those without hydraulic oil tanks). The reducer uses 85W/90 heavy-duty gear oil (GL-5), and it is recommended to use imported Shell and other oil products with better quality.

4. When the new car has been used for one week, the connecting bolts between the sub-beam and the main beam, as well as the mounting bolts of the support wheel seat, reducer, motor, oil pump, and transmission shaft should be re-tightened, and tightened once a month thereafter.

5. Clean the inside and outside of the mixing drum every time you finish work to ensure that there is no cement accumulation in the mixing drum. If the unloading time at the construction site exceeds 2 to 3 hours, the inside of the mixing drum should also be cleaned.

6. After using for a period of time, check the integrity of the sealing skin of the feeding hopper. If it is severely worn, it must be replaced in time, otherwise it will easily cause wear and tear on the mouth of the barrel or the feeding hopper.

7. When washing the car, it should be noted that the high-pressure water flow cannot be flushed against the flange sealing ring of the reducer, so as not to damage the lubricating grease.

If it is flushed against the sealing ring, there is a possibility of splashing sand and other sundries, which will cause damage to the sealing ring and the machine parts, affecting the use.

8. Check the position of the hydraulic oil every time before leaving the vehicle. It is advisable that the oil level is about 5cm higher than the display mirror.

9. The overall pump should check the oil level of the hydraulic oil system once a month, and the oil level should reach the bolt groove.

10. Every time the rear operating handle changes from stirring to unloading or from unloading to stirring, it must stop at the middle position, and perform the next action after the mixing drum stops rotating. When the handle is pulled to the limit position, it cannot continue to exert force to prevent the oil pump from being stuck.

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