Why Us

We Are Worth Your Trust

We Pay Attention To Every Detail

We pay meticulous attention to each detail from raw material to delivery. It is through our constant effort that our customers get the consistently high-level quality products they have to look for. We always make efforts to cut the cost and at the same time improve the technological content of products to enhance the market competitiveness of the products. In the related diversification development, we increase investment and enhance the development of key products and key projects continuously making breakthroughs in technology and product function, to rank at the advanced level in the market.

Garbage Truck Power Wheels

We Are Worth Your Trust

Some Of Our Main Advantages

We Own Factory

We have had our factory since established, and with the development, our factory is getting bigger and bigger, and the production capacity of the factory is getting higher and higher. There is no trader between us, which means that we can achieve the most satisfactory level in terms of price, MOQ, and product customization services.

Fair Price

We are an engineering construction machinery, special car sanitation Vehicle, and municipal and sanitation machinery equipment factory, which means there is no middleman between us. The relationship between you and us is direct, which saves you both money and hassle. The production process of the Xiangjin factory reduces the burden of machinery costs, which minimizes the price of each unit. We can give you extremely competitive prices.


You can tell us your budget, and we can provide the most suitable solution for you. Xiangjin will cooperate to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. Not only do we offer OEM/ODM, but we are also able to customize products to meet your needs. Our goal is that we want your business to grow so that we both can sell a lot in the future!


Most factory products can only provide one kind of product, and cannot meet the demand of product diversity, but we have a multitude of products to choose from. We offer a truly one-stop shopping service. Xiangjin has years of knowledge in this industry and is willing to guide you along your way, all while guaranteeing you the best quality goods.

Customer Support

Most factories primarily focus only on manufacturing, which leads to a lacking of sales and service awareness. Xiangjin has our own sales team, technicians, and after-sales staff, which means that not only can we provide faster and better-quality service.

Serve All Customer

Whether it is a customer who has just stepped into the industry or a customer who has developed on a large scale, Xiangjin attaches the same importance. We care about the experience of all customers.

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