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Road Sweeper

The wet and dry dust collection is driven by a diesel engine that meets the national six emission standards, and has the advantages of high efficiency and low emission. This car replaces sliding cleaning, labor, transfer, and blower, and solves all problems with one car, which is environmentally friendly and reduces costs. The dust collection is 7.5 cubic meters, the clean water tank is 3.5 cubic meters, and the storage capacity is large, which saves the time of unloading. Wet and dry, can still work in rainy days, saving construction period. In addition, the cleaning area in a single day can reach 100,000 square meters, and the operating efficiency is 5 times that of traditional cleaning operations. It has many application fields, wide application and strong cleaning power. It is suitable for multiple sites, regardless of the ground, and can be easily handled (water stabilized road, asphalt road, cement road, milled road).

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