Dry And Wet Road Sweeper


The wet and dry dusting truck is driven by diesel engine of National 6 emission standard, which has the advantages of high efficiency and low emission. The car instead of sliding cleaning, labor, transfer, hair dryer, one car to solve all problems, environmental protection, reduce costs.

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1. Road Sweeper is fully functional and can replace the sprinkler. 2. Dry and wet dual use, do not pick the ground, dust collection box adopts stainless steel design, corrosion resistance. 3. The auxiliary engine has a large horsepower, the fan uses an industrial fan, and the other accessories all use high-end accessories.


Dry and wet Road Sweeper
Series Whole gale Violent
Chassis Chassis model EQ1180GL6DJ EQ1180GL6DJ
Chassis name Dongfeng god F5 Dongfeng god DV5
Engine type YCS04200-68 YCS06245-60A
Disrate / power 4156/147kw 6234/180kw
emission standard Euro6(GB17691-2018) Euro6(GB17691-2018)
gear-box Faster eight Faster eight
rear axle 153heavier 153heavier
tyre 10.00R20   18PR 10.00R20  18PR
Wheelspan 1910-1820mm 1950-1870mm
Wheelbase 4500mm 4500mm
Drive way 4×2 4×2
Maximum speed 88km/h 88km/h
Add-on Secondary engine model Yuchai: 160 HP (four-cylinder) Cummins 190 HP (six-cylinder)
Power kw 118 140
Fan Double Yang14000 Double Yang14000
Water pump GM40-12MPa GM36-15MPa
Filter element/quantity Japan Toray/12PCS Japan Toray/12PCS
Big box Ensemble Box Ensemble Box
Clear water box / dust collection box 3.5m³/7.5m³ 3.5m³/7.5m³
Box material 304 Stainless steel + alloy steel 304 Stainless steel + alloy steel
Both side sweeper&rinse have Have
Side brush material Wear-resistant alloy steel strip Wear-resistant alloy steel strip
Front spray / side flush Have Have
Brake spray Have Have
Cleaning in the box Have Have
Discharge dust suppression device have Have
Backdoor winch unloading have Have
Dry and wet conversion One key conversion One key conversion
Dry and wet channel spray Automatic Automatic
Successive lift link Zoomlion direct connection Zoomlion direct connection
Sucker assembly rear roll brush φ302mm φ302mm
Pulse Electron Electron
Number of lifting cylinder 2s 2s
Whole vehicle Dimension 8380x2550x3180mm 8380x2550x3180mm
Fuel types diesel oil Diesel oil
Gross mass 18000kg 18000kg
Rated load quality 6670kg 6670kg
Curb weight 11200kg 11200kg
Approach angle 19° 19°
DEP angle 10° 10°
Dust collecting box unloading Angle 45° 45°
Clean the width 2900mm 2900mm
Cleaning speed 1.98-20km/h 1.98-20km/h
Cleaning rate 99% 99%
Max. clearance granularity 90mm 90mm
Back door straw length 6000mm 6000mm
Hand-held suction cup assembly Have Have
Clean system High-pressure water jet High-pressure water jet
Discharge method The backward type  Spray dust suppression The backward type  Spray dust suppression
Four-way operation monitoring High definition High definition
Operate display screen 7 Inch touch 7 Inch touch
Safety device Distance-sensing radar alarm Distance-sensing radar alarm
Other configuration Remote control system, gps positioning service, Internet of things system, winlong cleaning filter box.


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