FuTian Mixer Truck

When the mixing truck is loading concrete, the speed of the mixing tank is relatively fast, with a speed of 6-10 revolutions per minute. The concrete enters the mixing cylinder from the pipe through the charging system, and flows to the middle and lower part of the mixing cylinder under the guidance of the spiral blade. Note: The direction of tank rotation during loading and transportation should be consistent, otherwise the concrete will be unloaded during transportation.

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1.FuTian Mixer Truck supports the mixing of dry materials, instead of the mixing truck using transport mixing in on,e, saving time, labor and labor.
2. FuTian Mixer Truck adopts the military hydraulic system, the tank running smoothly, durable


Square mixer truck chassis parameters
Vehicle name: 2.5-3.5 Dimensions: 6400*2050*2640mm
Square mixer truck
Engine: Weichai 4102 Wheelbase 3600
Gearbox: 145 Front and rear axles: 153
Reducer: Keyi, military industry, etc Hydraulic system: Military hydraulic system
Number of tires: 6 Tire specifications: 825-16
Parameters of mixer truck
Tank material: Using high-strength wear-resistant Q345B steel, thickness 4mm, shot blasting anti-rust material
Blade material: 4# thick alloy steel (install wear-resistant strips to improve service life) Head material: Alloy steel thickness 5mm
water supply system: 400L water tank air pressure water supply Cooling system: Xinxiang radiator 18 liters
Feed rate: Feed speed m3/min≥3 Output speed: Material speed m3/min ≥ 1
Output residual rate: Output residual rate (%) ≤ 0.5 Operation method: Left and right sides/cab tripartite operation
Unloading range: 180°up, down, left, and right height adjustment Safety equipment: Add leakage receiving device


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